Financial assistance

Financial assistance

We can offer support if you need help making a payment to us.


How we can help

We’re here to support you. If you’re having trouble paying your insurance premiums, please contact your Broker to talk about your situation. We’ll work with your Broker to develop a tailored solution for you, such as: 

•    reviewing your cover to make sure it’s right for you

•    changing how often you pay 

•    extending your payment due dates

•    developing a payment plan with you.

For assistance contacting your Broker, please contact us on 02 9099 4998 and we will help you to get in touch with your Broker.

If you need help with other types of payments (like an excess for a claim), call us on 1300 559 019 to apply for financial assistance. We may be able help by: 

•    deducting your excess from your claim settlement

•    extending your payment due dates

•    developing a payment plan with you.


Urgent support after a claim

If an event causes you to be in urgent financial need, we’re here to support you. For example, we may be able to speed up our assessment to give you a decision on your claim. 

Talk to your claims specialist on 1300 559 019 to discuss the support we can offer. 


Support services

National Debt Helpline

For financial counselling, money management and budgeting
1800 007 007 (9am–5pm, Mon–Fri)