Coronavirus Support

Helping you stay safe during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak


Our response

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting everyday lives, and it might be effecting you or your business in ways you didn’t expect. So, here’s what we’re doing to back you, our teams, and our networks of suppliers (like assessors and repairers) so we can all get through this time as safely as possible. We’ll keep you updated here as things change.


Support for those experiencing financial hardship

We understand that our customers may be experiencing financial hardship right now due to the impacts of COVID-19, and we want to help. We encourage our customers who may be facing hardship to contact us through their Insurance Broker, so that we can provide them with tailored assistance options such as deferred premium payments and changing excess amounts, depending on your circumstances.

To learn more, please ask your Insurance Broker to get in touch with the IAL Instalments team to discuss potential arrangements.


Staying safe when you claim

We’re making changes to how we manage claims to help minimise risk for you and our network of suppliers (like assessors and repairers).Our network of suppliers will ask screening questions, wear protective gear, and follow all health and safety advice from the authorities. We’re also using live video assessments, so for some claims we may not have to do assessments in person.